Sketch of possible Upcycling design. Modified images of artwork by Jon Allen

For my upcycling project my goal is to create a metallic sculpture using a minimalist aesthetic. I have included a rough visual for a potential path that I want to take my upcycling design. The design is made up of columns of metal strips bent in such a way as to form alternating ripples. The metallic ripples are meant to elicit thoughts of water and calm. The goal of my project aligns well with the minimalist aesthetic where the simplicity of the design won’t take away from the calm meaning. The minimalist aesthetic also played a part in the material selection. The muted gray color of aluminum sheets is neutral and does not distract from the form of the design.

Metallic sculpture by Jon Allen

After coming up with my initial design I searched online to find similar designs for inspiration on the fabrication method. I was able to find a similar style created by Jon Allen who specializes in metallic art pieces. Many of his designs include intricate pattens on the surface of the metal.

Aluminum Can Material selection

As previously stated I chose to use aluminum sheets as my primary material based on its alignment with the minimalist aesthetic. In order to upcycle aluminum sheets I plan to use recycled aluminum cans. The cans can be cut into strips as shown in the figure above. I believe that my largest hurdle will be to find a method to connect individual sheets together to create longer aluminum sheets while maintaining a sleek appearance.

Upcycle Project
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  • Sierra Greeley
    February 4, 2024 2:51 pm

    Hello Alex,
    I think this upcycling idea is really cool! The minimalist aesthetic really fits this project type. I feel like this is the type of art you would see in minimalist home decor. I’m interested to see how cutting the cans and forming the aluminum is going to work out. Do you know if you are going to use all the same type of cans so that the color of the metal does not vary?

    • Alex Fitzgerald
      February 6, 2024 5:53 pm

      Hey Sierra! That’s a great point I had planned to use the same type of cans but if I run out that is an issue that I may need to try to resolve. Thanks for bringing that up!


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