Post 3: Upcycle Progress – Sophie Berry

As for progress I have decided what I am going to make and have done a bit of research about how I might want my idea to look and function.

I have decided on the Upcycle shoes because I already have some materials that might be useful in this project. This project incorporates some of the concepts I would have used in other projects I had brainstormed like using different materials like fabric/ fabric like materials, possibly recycling other parts of clothing, and has the potential to recycle plastic. I am also interested that the project presents unique challenges not only because I have never made shoes before, but because it also requires creativity in relation to overcoming the constraints like the up-cycling factor, time, skill, resources, etc.

I have a few different examples that I found online that I think would fit the idea that I am going for. Two of them are sock like shoes with the base being a sock with possibly some support from within and then to add traction a rubber like layer to protect the feet from sharper objects. I had also looked into toe shoes because of their minimalist design around the foot. Then I looked into slip-on shoes that had no laces and the fabric was what kept the shoe on one’s foot. From a quick google search online I thought these looked nice because of the simple color scheme and minimal look of the fabric. 

From doing that research I narrowed my design to a modest looking shoe that hopefully lets you “feel” the ground and not just encase your foot in rubber, foam, and fabric that have massive soles

As for next steps this week I will gather the different fabrics I mentioned earlier and I had in mind for the project. I will also draw what kind of idea I had in mind for each part of the shoe which might require more research to know what goes into a shoe.

Then after that week if I haven’t already I will finish collecting the remaining materials that I will need. I will start assembling the project. That week will also be for if anything goes wrong then I can adjust design plans accordingly. That will be a work week to finish assembly and see the final product by the due date. 🙂

Citation: Skinners sock shoes:

Sock shoe:

Toe shoes:

Slip on shoes:


Post 3 Prompt: What progress have you made on your Upcycle project? Show your plans. What does your fabrication schedule look like? What materials have you collected?

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  • Hi Sophie, I really like your idea and it’s practicality! I am curious, will you focus more on form or function and if both which way will you lean? Also, after a google search, there are a lot of resources out there with stencils to make a classic shoe shape. Not sure if that is useful to you but worth a look!

    • Hello thank you for your comment, I will be focusing more on the form because I am trying to use recycled and low cost material and don’t have access to big shoe making machines I thought it would be best to focused more on a concept shoe. So while it will be wearable have features that will technically make it a shoe it unfortunately wont become my daily driver shoe.

  • Hi Sophie! I was really interested to read your upcycle project’s progress. I love your topic of shoes – I think it’ll be really cool to create an “artifact” that you can use and wear potentially every day. I’m interested to know… what fabrics are you looking into for the shoe? Is waterproofing a concern for you? Also, are you going for a certain color scheme or aesthetic? Let me know! I’m excited to see your finished product!!!

    • Hello,

      I am looking for the design to be minimalistic so for the top of the shoe I am going to use an old pair of black socks that are out of commission because they have a few holes in them. I thought it would be good to repurpose them instead of throwing them away.

      Yes, I had considered the problem of water. Since I will use rubber and foam for the sole of the shoe that will prevent most of the water from soaking in. But as an extra layer of water resistance I will be adding a plastic layer between the rubber and the foam. That will stop the water from the bottom. The top might still get wet like with most sneakers but for breathability,
      quick drying, and cost I think that will be ok for this type of shoe.


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