Post 3 – Origami Cranes and Shinto Belief Progress

Since my last post, I have made 3 different cranes and have decided to string multiple sets together to create a sort of decor in my final display similar to the photo below. I have also liked Collin’s idea of a wheel but I am not too sure how to implement that idea nor where to obtain a wheel yet so I have not fully committed to that idea as of this post.

Figure 1: A Photo of a String of Origami Cranes

Due to my usage of the A4-sized paper in my notebooks, I had to remove some parts of the paper to reduce it to a square-like shape which is the desired geometry for creating origami cranes from the several videos I have seen. This sucks a bit due to the lost sections of colored notes but it is only a small section so most of the pages remain with the notes. It is also very nostalgic reviewing my old notes from APPM: Differential Equations as it seems like ages ago but also seems like it was just yesterday that I was in this class. However, something that I noticed while using the notebook paper is how thin it is which creates unwanted creases and does not fold as neatly as the ones shown in the video. It is not a huge problem but it does make the end result less appeasing than desired.

Figure 2: My Linear Algebra Notes

The first crane that I made took around 20 minutes as I was very confused about what was even happening in the videos but my second crane took around 15 minutes and the third one took 30 minutes as I tried to do several steps by myself without following the video tutorial like I had before for the first 2. This last one was very tough and frustrating as I would forget to do a step when trying to remember them and had to go back several steps, but it was a good learning experience to prepare me to eventually be able to craft one without the tutorial.

Figure 3: A Picture of My 3 Cranes

My plan for the next week is to be able to make around 30 cranes and to be able to complete these crafts without following the video tutorial. This would allow me to make each crane way faster so I can make as many cranes as possible. Another step that I want to make is to perhaps use some multi-colored paper for some cranes, make some different animals to spice it up, and obtain at least a string of cranes which will require a needle with string. Another thing that I wanted to look into is using LED string of lights with the cranes which may be an interesting use of these cranes.


Videos that helped me:




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  • Trent Bjorkman
    February 8, 2024 4:20 pm

    Hi David, nice post. This project seems really cool. I’m sure it’s therapeutic to turn notes from the start of college into a work of art while you’re working on senior capstone! You mentioned that you might make other animals, do you what animals you’d like to make and add to the mobile?

  • Hi David,
    I am glad your upcycling project is going well thus far. The use of your old notes for the cranes is an interesting choice of materials for origami and I think that your old notes share a unique history within the artwork. If your experience with differential equations was unpleasant then maybe this will provide some positivity from it. I like the idea of arranging the cranes on a mobile. I am wondering if you have a better idea of how you will construct the mobile and if you have a plan for manufacturing. I look forward to seeing the finished project.

    • Hey Ian,

      Yeah, those days in APPM were not very fun especially with how much work was stacked with other classes of similar calibers. For the mobile, I am thinking of perhaps 3D printing out some splines to see how that works out for hanging the cranes, but I am not 100% sure how that works yet. This will be a problem that I try to solve this weekend since it should be relatively free. The only problem I am thinking of is how I would attach the spline to say a ceiling so they can hang free. Right now, I am thinking of using a ceiling hook so hopefully it will just be that easy.


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