Post 3 – Upcycle Progress

Progress stands mostly in prepping and planning on the design and materials for the project, first task was to figure out what sort of Victorian style toy there was to be made. I’ve thought of boats or ducks and nutcrackers but ultimately ended on the decision of going with a classic style toy train. Not a train of modern design but of the older steam engine, since I wanted to create something that was more reminiscing of the time period, and what better choice than the very thing that steered the world into a destined future of unknown possibility. Quite parallel of what is happening in today world, where computer technology has taken a turn of unknowing intelligence either for the betterment or downfall of the human mind and its role in the world’s future. Because that is all we ultimately are, of the earth beneath us and the same goes to what ever comes after us. Now that the existential dread has been taken out of the bottle, back to toys. Another point of planning would be of what material I would use. Wood, its just going to be wood don’t need to complicate things. For the shape of that wood it is a whole other matter, for easy going manufacturing planning ahead of what sort of cuts will be made is essential. Essential shapes, from the shown image,  show that the toy will require 4 thin dowel rods to act as the train’s axels and possible as the exhausts wooden fastener to the boiler, a cube for the cabin, eight wheels, one thick dowel rod for the boiler,  then some sort of milled conical shape to act as the train’s chimney. I’m here for a good time not a long time so the correct terminology of the train will be ignored for now, apologies in advance.

Next is the fun part,  since comment etiquette on post have been a subject of our attention in class, I thought I would make it easy for you guys. Lets have a little vote on what maximalist design I could muster with my tiny human brain to paint on the train in the comments. See I even emboldened the text to make sure you didn’t miss the little gift I am giving you guys in case you’re just skimming the post. Shown above are sketches of some ideas of what I would like to put on the outer curves of the boiler. I’m unsure of to pick one or the other, or possibly combining the two somehow. Let me know what you guys thinks would be fun to paint on the boiler!! 

Now last, but most certainly and absolutely not least would be the paint. The type of paint is most likely to be acrylic, with a gloss finish. The gloss is essential because for it to feel like a high-end and maximalist toy a nice bright sheen on the surface of the toy would offer an extra layer of detail. The reflection of light would make it more like the inspiration of this toy in Dean Morrisey’s works.

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  • Alex Fitzgerald
    April 24, 2024 8:13 pm

    I like the design sketches they really give a good idea for the aesthetic of your artifact!

  • An intriguing exploration into the world of crafting Victorian-style toys! Love the nostalgic touch of the classic steam engine. Can’t wait to see the final product! Have you considered incorporating any intricate details from Victorian-era design into the painted decorations on the toy train, to further enhance its authenticity?


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