Project Update: Mid-Century Coffee Table from Basketball Court

My Upcycle project is a coffee table made from an old basketball court floor, old elementary school chair legs, and a few other pieces of scrap wood and metal. I’ve managed to make significant progress on the build an am happy to say I’m almost done! Here is an image of what the table is looking like as of today.

Mid century table V1 – the legs on the right need to be replaced with other legs that match the angle of the left ones, and a poly coat over the entire surface is still needed for shine, toughness, and protection.

I think the mid-mod Aesthetic has been achieved! The tapered legs of from the elementary school chair, and the lower bevel trim gives the table a modern and sophisticated look, despite the inherent roughness of the materials used.

I learned a lot of new fabrication technique during the build of this table. the lower beveled trim is made out of oak that has been stained with dark walnut varathane wood stain. Getting these piece to fit together nicely required me to use both mieter saw axis adjustments simultaneously, which was no easy task – I ended up having to scrap several pieces of material in the guess-and-check process of getting my angles right, if anyone can show me how to make these cuts without guessing, let me know!

As for the legs, I used an angle grinder and a tig welder to fabricate them from an old school chair; it was the first time I had used both of those tools extensively.

the legs were cut off of an old school chair with an angle grinder, and attached to this steel scrap metal baseplate with tig welds – the scribbles are where I removed the rust from the piece of scrap with a polish bit.


Side note: for all of you aspiring bloggers out there: there are better tools than wordpress, MANY of them! Let me tell you the UX of this software takes me back to 2005.

The only things left to do will be to replace 2 legs with new ones to have all four legs angled the same, and to add the polyurathane coating on the table top, let me know what you all think or if you have any last minute improvement suggestions!

not too shabby
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  • Hey Guys, Thanks for the comments, Oliver I appreciate the complements! Max, thanks for the feedback on the asymmetrical legs, I may end up just keeping them as is after all.

  • Hey Jon, it looks like your project is coming along super well. I really like your aesthetic and think you have done a great job of matching that mid-century modern look. I actually think that the asymmetrical leg design looks pretty cool, and I know you said you were going to make both sets of legs the same. but I think it could be interesting if you leaned into that uneven design and made one pair of legs be close to vertical and the others at a more extreme outward angle. Whatever you decide to do, I look forward to seeing how this project turns out!

  • Hello Jon, your work is very impressive. It looks like you have basically finished the project. This looks like something I would buy and get daily use out of. I am really looking forward to seeing the final product. Best of luck!


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