Post 7: Main Project Aesthetics: Plans and Alternatives – Sophie Berry

Post 7: Main Project Aesthetics: Plans and Alternatives

As I discussed in the last post I think for this project my aesthetic could be like an old new aesthetic where it was a reimagining of a retrospective look at something antique but done with modern methods. Something that once was pristine and nice but which now has been worn and well loved. Like an old book that has worn and been read many times and is now showing its age.

For the main project I have a few ideas for what I could make. I think It could be interesting if I tried to make a dynamic wall structure that when someone turns it will change its appearance geometrically. Or another idea is to make a little flying machine type of thing that isn’t powered by batteries. I think these ideas could incorporate that old new aesthetic.

However an alternative aesthetic that I could try would be a whimsical aesthetic where I would round the edges and brighten up the coloring of the design. If I were to do the wall piece I could choose shapes that had softer curves and made the turning mechanic smooth and flowy. If I were to choses the flying machine then I could model the body shape after a butterfly and add warm colors. 

I also thought about using a steam punk industrial design so I could use gears and cogs and a metallic patina look. I think this could look quite interesting but am not sure it matched with any of my current aesthetics. So I’m not sure where I would place the project after I had finished.

As for the actual details of the design I think by adding some gear ratios and weights behind the aesthetic cogs so the front would spin for longer than expected would create an interesting effect. Then I would hide that behind the aesthetic cogs. Because it would be using weights and not a battery I think it would add to the aesthetic. I would add more cogs than is in the picture above and possibly turn the aesthetic cogs into a large image of something.




Prompt: Main Project Aesthetics: Plans and Alternatives. Describe your main project aesthetic, and then consider alternatives. Sketch your project in two wildly different aesthetics than the one you are planning. What if….?

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  • Hi Sophie, I really enjoyed reading your post and following your thought process! Your concept of blending the old with the new in your project’s aesthetic is intriguing! I’m curious to know, which of the proposed ideas – the dynamic wall structure, the non-powered flying machine, or perhaps another – do you feel best captures the essence of this ‘old new’ aesthetic? Also, did this exercise of sketching in the different aesthetics at all make you want to change your previously decided on aesthetic?

    • Sophie Berry
      March 7, 2024 11:20 am

      Out of the projects that I mentioned I think the wall sculpture would be able to capture the old new aesthetic.
      I think that it was kind of the opposite for the wall art at least. Once I was kind of got an idea down and thought out a bit then it kind of made me want to stick with the aesthetic and see how everything worked out.


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