The aesthetic that I am planning on for the snuffle mats is Bloomcore.  Bloomcore is essentially an aesthetic based on flowers, gardens, and nature. It is a bit different that Naturecore because it focuses more on the flowers and bright colors. After researching different snuffle mat designs, I decided that my favorite ones looked like they belonged in gardens. If you would like to read more on what a snuffle mat is the link to my last post is here:

I decided that if I have time to make more than one snuffle mat, I would make them all similar but with a difference that is unique to each of my pets. My first dog is Dino. He is a 3 year old German Shepard Huskey mix with lots of energy. For him I decided that it is best to add as much detail as possible to make it a little more work for him to get to the treats. My second dog is Sedona, she is a 3 and a half year old German Shepard mix that is a little more laid back. I decided to make hers more pink and a bit easier to navigate. My cat is Nico, he is a 16 year old domestic longhair that is more food motivated than both my dogs combined. I decided his would be best to have a mix of complicated flowers and a tiny bit easier folds so that he has a bit of a challenge but not too much. The sketches for the three pets are shown below in Images 1, 2 and 3 in order.

For the first different aesthetic I chose to go with minimalism. I figured it was vastly different than the Bloomcore aesthetic because of the muted color pallet and basic shapes. I would normally actually choose this aesthetic for myself but since I wanted to get the maximum enrichment for my pets, I decided that the brighter colors were the way to go. I also think that a minimalist snuffle mat would have less complicated folds, so there would be no big addition of any flowers or anything along those lines. My minimalist sketch for a snuffle mat is shown in Image 4 below. 

For my second different aesthetic I chose to go with the gothic aesthetic. This aesthetic has lots of dark colors, candles, and skulls. I figured that because it is so dark it is a complete opposite of the Bloomcore aesthetic. I think that the dark colors would not be as well perceived by my pets, so that is why I did not go with this aesthetic. My home also has lots of bright colors so I feel like if the mats were done in this aesthetic it would stick out against the rest of my home decor. A gothic sketch for a snuffle mat is shown in Image 5 below.

After sketching the different styles, I still believe that the Bloomcore aesthetic is the best choice for my final project. If the mat were made for me (haha) I would probably lean more towards the minimalist mat. However, since I am making it for my fur babies and I want them to have the best experience, I think that Bloomcore is the way to go.

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  • Katie Schutt
    March 10, 2024 7:16 pm

    Hi Sierra! This is a great project and I am very excited on behalf of your pets! The illustrations of your original and different mat aesthetics look very thought out and professional. I am also curious about your material choice but I will check our your other blog posts. Nice job!

  • Hi Sierra, I really enjoyed your post and reading about your thought process! It’s clear you’ve carefully considered the aesthetics for your snuffle mats, ultimately choosing Bloomcore to provide a vibrant and engaging experience for your pets. Your decision to customize the mats based on each pet’s personality is thoughtful. Have you considered your material choice to hopefully avoid your pets tearing them apart prematurely?


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