My main project will be of the Abstract Tech aesthetic. Abstract Tech includes digital holograms, lights, geometric patterns, and conceptual “technology” to paint a futuristic picture. This aesthetic draws on the technology movement of the 20th century. There is often digital circuitry involved in this aesthetic, and an overall futuristic feel. Below is an example of Abstract Tech. 

Artist: Olena Lishchyshyna

My current plan for my main project is to create an infinity mirror, with an LED strip that reflects an infinite number of times as you look into the center of the mirror. There will also be a Newton’s cradle hanging between the mirrors to create a dynamic element. I’ve already spent multiple hours designing this on CAD, and my current plan is to 3D print the frame in pieces. Below are images of my current CAD model.

It is tough to see, but there is a hole down the middle ring that will hide the electronics. There are also holes in the top for mounting Newton’s cradle strings. I plan on ordering a mirror, an 80% reflective mirror, an LED strip, a battery packet, and cradle balls to create the project. I will lazer cut the mirrors to 11” diameters. This should be able to achieve the Abstract Tech aesthetic when completed.


The assembly process will be integral to how this project ends up working out. I am 3D printing both the rings which hold the mirrors, as well as the LEDs. I also plan on 3D printing the base. These will be printed separately, in order for there to be enough room in the printers, because the end result will be about 20 inches tall. The rings have pegs attached to them, which will slide into toleranced holes in the base component. I can then use some kind of rod or dowel to slide into the slots I created on the bottom of the pegs to hold the rings in place and tightly secured. I believe that this will be the most challenging part of the assembly process. Also, I made slots in each ring which will hold a mirror, this is so that I can easily slide the mirrors into place, and attach them with some kind of glue or rod. Outside of that, there is a slot cut in the center ring which will perfectly fit the LED strip I plan on buying, and also hide any electronics through a hold that leaves the base.


An alternative aesthetic could be something like Vintage-Tech. This could include creating a piece with old school buttons, analog dials, and older computer interfaces. I could possibly achieve this aesthetic by having a more retro design, with a wood frame, square base, and analog dials and buttons to control lights that are not LED lights, but rather old-fashioned bulbs. I could still possibly do an infinity mirror, but the repeating pattern may throw off this aesthetic. Below is a sketch of what I envision this could possibly look like.

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  • Wow, I think this is a great way to showcase this aesthetic. Do you think there are different ways of adding finishes to the 3d printed parts to give them different looks or aesthetics?

  • Jadin Zaccagnino
    March 10, 2024 10:59 am

    Jason, this looks like one of the coolest main project ideas! I really like how your are taking a very cool yet well known concept, the infinity mirror, and applying it to the interesting aesthetic that is Abstract tech. Furthermore, your I think your choice to add a newtons cradle in between the mirrors is excellent, and will make this project that much cooler and more interactive. I’m curious, what is your plan for making the mirrors?


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