Main Project Aesthetics: Plans and Alternatives

My main project idea is a cheese press. The cheese press involves a system that applies pressure to a section of cheese to remove moisture from the curd that is originally placed in a mold. The cheese press allows for the creation of a semi-hard to hard cheese depending on the amount of moisture removal desired. The aesthetic I am choosing is a rustic/ craft aesthetic, so I am choosing to make the press out of wood. Pictured below is a sketch of the cheese press I would like to make. I plan on incorporating some variation later down the line.

Aesthetic 1: Wooden Cheese Press


An alternative aesthetic would be to create the cheese press out of stainless steel. Pictured below is a sketch of the cheese press made out of stainless steel.

Aesthetic 2: Stainless Steel Cheese Press



Wooden Cheese Press

Stainless Steel Cheese Press

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  • I feel as though a device such as this can be doesn’t just have to be cheese (maybe you’re into tofu?). My question is which one would fit into your budget (cost, time to machine, tools for machining)? I feel steel may be more expensive cost and time-wise. Otherwise what a lovely idea !

    • Ben Clairday
      March 13, 2024 6:41 pm

      Hey Tiana, the press can definitely be used for multiple food types like tofu as you mentioned, or fruit. Wood will be better for my budget regarding the materials and time making this in the wood shop. Thank you!

  • Vincent Tang
    March 6, 2024 8:42 pm

    An interesting project you’ve considered. I had to do additional research on cheese press and never realized how this contraption had a fundamental part in cheese processing. Out of curiosity, are there any other aesthetics you would consider?

    • Ben Clairday
      March 13, 2024 6:43 pm

      Thanks Vincent! I have decided that as an additional aesthetic for this I am going to carve on patterns with a wood burning tool. The style of patterns that I am going to do are going to resemble something inspired from Colorado or California history. I have not chosen a specific pattern yet though.


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