For my main project, I am planning on using a whittling techniques to create an electric guitar. I don’t know what the specific aesthetic is called, although the overall wooden design that I choose may be a factor in deciding. There for, i envision a rustic and earthy vibe to the guitar. Carving intricate nature inspired designs such as vines, leaves or animals into the wooden base. This aesthetic would evoke a sense of connection to nature as it will be complemented by earthy tones for the finish.

There are two design inspirations I could turn to if this main vision of mine doesn’t work out. Futuristic minimalist and steampunk.

Futuristic and Minimalist:

Imagining an electric guitar, in this aesthetic, would have sleek clean lines and a minimalist overall design. Instead of intricate carvings, the base would be smooth and polished, with geometric patterns etched into the wood. The finish could be a glossy black or metallic silver, giving it a futuristic vibe. This aesthetic would appeal to those who appreciate modern design and want their instruments to reflect a sense of innovation and sophistication. For me the problem for doing this design is the fact that it is so popular and has been done so many times. If I were to create a guitar with this aesthetic it would be to similar to many others in my opinion.


Alternatively, looking at the inspiration from the Victorian era and the industrial revolution for a steampunk aesthetic. Picture ornate gears, cogs, and mechanical elements intricately carved into the wood. The finish could incorporate metallic accents and aged-looking patinas to create a weathered, vintage appearance. This aesthetic would appeal to those with a love for retro-futuristic styles and a desire to add a touch of whimsy to their instrument. The colors would need some bronze on the metallic edges with a variety of different shades. the cool thing about potentially doing this design is the wood carvings already have the appropriate tones for this aesthetic. It would only need some different stains and using them as paint would allow for them to portray a steampunk aesthetic.

Overall for the design I’ve chosen, I’ll most likely stick to some wood carvings with a natural aesthetic as it seems like the most enjoyable for me. however if I were to alter to one of these two aesthetics I would definitely choose the steampunk aesthetic. It still peaks my interest and I may alter to it in the future although until then a naturalist vibe is my current plan







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  • Garrett Miller
    March 10, 2024 9:28 pm

    Hey Kyle! This is a cool project. The wood carving to make a guitar body sounds like it would have a very cool outcome. I am very excited to see how this will turn out. Maybe consider looking at the carvings on old Viking long ships for inspiration as I think that style would look very cool on a guitar. How do you plan on making the neck fit with the aesthetic? Good luck!

  • Hi Kyle, I am excited to see how your project turns out. There are so many ways to make a guitar, but whittling the design on the guitar seems like an excellent choice! I am curious, do you have experience whittling? I know for me with no experience beyond spears this would seem like a very daunting, but rewarding task.


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