My piece is inspired by the current state of our world, therefore I was not willing to budge on the concept. Therefore, I have created two ideas but have only sketched up the one as it would be similar. My idea is either a 6 to 7 foot guillotine, or a miniature variant around 2 to 3 feet that could be more of a fruit slicer over head chopper.

Playing around with maximum height, personally for this project and the time constraints I want to go smaller. Between 6 to 7 feet seems the best.

The main concept is a functional guillotine, however the issue I ran into was primarily size. The French put 12 foot guillotine on platforms, forcing people to kneel before losing a head. Unfortunately, while I have the yard for it I don’t think the people of Fort Collins would enjoy a guillotine on full display. Therefore, upon some further digging I’ve found that unfortunately the Nazis made exactly what I imagined. A shorter guillotine with a heavier blade for a similar effect as a full sized French guillotine. They also had a bench in which you’d lay over kneel.

Concept of a benched shorter guillotine. 

This piece, while real and fully functional, would be used during Halloween. I will have to figure out a system for blade removal, probably creating a slit at the top that would also allow top down matinees access to the blades train.

How I want to decorate it and another view of the guillotine concept

I do not foresee this being very hard or expensive, most of the wood for the bench I’ve already sourced from someone free off Craigslist (it’s a wonderland). I am currently figuring out parts and budget.

Main concept

I want to make it in the Mcbling aesthetic as that’s not normal and I feel like it would compliment the macabre nature of the piece. I plan to decorate it in a style I can only describe as a 2000s flip phone case. I plan to have hardware and parts by Spring Break and spending the week off both work and school to build it.


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  • Ari Matrajt Frid
    March 10, 2024 5:25 pm

    Hi Efrosini, this is a very unique idea and I think it will be super interesting to see how your aesthetic complements the piece. What will you do with it once you are done with the class?

  • Chris Wachuta
    March 8, 2024 3:07 pm

    This is an interesting idea. Not something I would ever consider. Where do you plan on putting this? I appreciate your idea of an ironic aesthetic. Looking forward to what you make.

    • Efrosini Krokos
      March 11, 2024 12:53 pm

      It will probably be on my deck for the building/presentation portion but will more than likely live in my garage and only come out on Halloween.


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