Main Project Aesthetics: Plans and Alternatives

My Project’s Aesthetic:

I’m going to make a lamp that resembles a Goblincore/Cottagecore aesthetic that spins when the bulb gets hot and projects shapes and images onto walls.  Both of these aesthetics are based in a more nature based idea with earthy colors, flowers, other plants, and animals.  Additionally, this kind of lamp relies on heat to rotate, not motor power, which means that most of the time it ends up being stationary when not in use.

This Aesthetic ^

In this kind of lamp shape/use^

I thought about what kinds of aesthetics could be seen as very different from a nature based aesthetics and came up with both Vintage and Futuristic Aesthetics.

First Opposite Aesthetic:

The first opposite aesthetic for a lamp design I thought of was a Vintage stained glass lamp.  It’s stationary and couldn’t move unless connected to some kind of motor, but it could at least project colors and shapes onto walls like I would like to make in my project.  In the example I found, nature in the form of flowers can be seen.  However, the whole lamp shade was created out of a non-naturally found material in stained glass.  I think it’s beautiful, but not something I could see using either in this project or any future projects of mine.  If I had to create my project using a different material though, I think stained glass would be a strong contender.

Second Opposite Aesthetic:

The second opposite aesthetic for a lamp design I thought of was some sort of Futuristic lamp.  I thought that there could be some sort of wall mounted lamp that could rotate with a motor or with some sort of magnetic pull and project holographic shapes, but I thought that futuristic things usually have very non-natural, sharp shapes, therefore it couldn’t project organic type shapes.  I found an example that was a desk lamp but gave the exact inorganic vibes I thought of.  It had only one color and hexagons sporadically thoughout it’s form.  My idea for what my lamp might look like in a Futuristic aesthetic would be to take this example and mount it to a wall so that it could rotate in some way.


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  • Efrosini Krokos
    March 11, 2024 12:58 pm

    I love the concept of this, it makes me think of older movies where kids had similar lamps on their bedside spinning shapes across the wall. It would be so cool to see the stained glass colors thrown onto a wall. Will you be able to regulate its speed and how will the materials work with this piece?

  • Sierra Greeley
    March 9, 2024 5:31 pm

    Hello Juliette,
    I absolutely love this idea, I think it is so cute and definitely something I would love to see progress! What made you choose the Goblincore/Cottagecore aesthetic? I do agree that the use of stained glass would be really cool and beautiful. I like that you imagined your design in very drastically different ways, but still kept the natural feel throughout each idea.


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