Post 7: Main Project Aesthetic Plans and Alternatives – Organic Modern Mirror

For my main project I am planning to create an Organic Modern mirror. I am planning on building the frame of the mirror out of wood and laser cut a wavy design that will overlap the surface of the mirror. The mirror will be attached to the frame using heavy duty glue but will be sandwiched between different layers of wood. The design will have multiple layers that creates a more interactive and 3D design to the mirror.

[1] rough sketch of my initial design

The aesthetic I am going for on this project is Organic Modern. This aesthetic emerged in the middle of the 20th century when the interior design industry focused on natural materials in order to create a balance between modern aesthetics and the natural world [2]. This introduction into modern decor caused people to be informed to protect the environment and improve the relationship between nature and humans. Organic Modern interior design includes color palettes that are neutral and materials from nature such as wood, stone, leather and many others. This style helped develop this aesthetic by promoting functional and durable designs that serve multiple purposes, while also keeping that organic feel. The functionality within this aesthetic fits perfectly with my objective for this project. Throughout this class I have been focusing on aesthetics that align with sustainability, which the Organic Modern aesthetic includes many elements that are practical and efficient.

[3] Organic modern aesthetic from Pinterest

The current design of my interior design mirror is in the Organic Modern aesthetic. This design aligns with a natural and sustainable form by creating a more artistic style to a functional piece of furniture. This allows the characteristics of the modern, minimalistic and neutral colors schemes to make the piece centered around this design. The frame of the mirror is meant to be more of a unique statement that will stand out in a home while also being multipurpose and a fully functional mirror. This allows the piece to be centered around the organic colors and shape of the wavy frame, and for the viewer to appreciate the naturalness and sustainability of the design. This design highlights the neutral and wood-like colors of the aesthetic.

[4] Mirror & Frame from Pinterest

Although I have decided to pursue the Organic Modern Aesthetic, I am going to ideate my mirror in two other aesthetics. The two alternate aesthetics I will be redesigning my mirror for will be Abstract Retro and Bloomcore.

The overall dimensions for the mirror can remain the same for any aesthetic, as the frame is the only thing changing in respect to the desired aesthetic.

First, I will explore the Abstract Retro aesthetic. I found many designs with bright pastel colors, asymmetrical shapes, and wavy and blob-like shapes. This design has a much more vibrant and unique look than the Organic Modern aesthetic. I would implement this design by cutting a base shape for the frame that will go over the mirror and create shapes using clay and pastel colors.

[5] Retro Wavy Mirror from Pinterest

Second, I will explore the Bloomcore aesthetic. This aesthetic, also known as floral, is based on flowers, gardens and nature [6]. For this aesthetic I would create a design that incorporates moss, plants, flowers, and lots of greenery. Like the other mirror aesthetics, I could keep the same frame base by cutting out a piece of plywood but then attach the desired nature inspired elements on top of the frame.

[7] Bloomcore Mirror from Pinterest

After ideating the various mirror designs in these two new aesthetics, I still like the Organic Modern aesthetic design the most. However, it is interesting to see the different materials in these designs to view the project from a different point of view, and gather new ideas for the aesthetic I am pursuing. I overall think the Organic Modern aesthetic would fit best for my style in interior design and it is a good blend of something practical and also a piece of artwork in a future space.


[2] Rothacker, Sean. “What Is Organic Modernism & Organic Modern Style Design?” MidinMod, MidinMod, 3 May 2023,

[6] Wiki, Contributors to Aesthetics. “Bloomcore.” Aesthetics Wiki, Fandom, Inc., Accessed 6 Mar. 2024.

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  • I believe your main and alternate aesthetics mesh very well together! I have no doubt that what you create will be aesthetic, indeed. I appreciate the sketching as well! Would you ever change the shape of the mirror, and not just the garnish around it?

  • Your commitment to the Organic Modern aesthetic for your mirror project is commendable, aligning well with its emphasis on sustainability and functionality. Exploring alternate aesthetics like Abstract Retro and Bloomcore adds depth to your creative process, enriching your final design. I’m eager to see how your project unfolds, blending practicality with artistic expression. Keep up the great work!

    • Emilee Novak
      March 11, 2024 6:40 pm

      Hi thank you for your feedback! I will take your ideas into consideration incorporating more creative and in depth components like I provided in the alternate aesthetics into my final design. I am excited to get started on my final product.


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