My inspiration for the project is to create an outfit that resembles an authentic country look as well as give it a form that resembles more fem, form, and pose. To do country aesthetic right, you have to go to its roots and history to have the solid foundation that forms the authentic. The Western aesthetic is rooted in the American migration toward the West with cow herders and indigenous people. It can be seen through the amount of leather, the obvious cowboy hats, and the denim. It can be seen with the rugged styles and cuts of clothing.

With the country music fashion aesthetic, we can see similar cuts of authentic cowboy clothes with more textures, fringe, beads, and rhinestones. Seen through icons like Dolly Parton, Orville Peck, and many others.  

I have decided to tread the boundaries of authentic Western apparel as well as country music form and structure. I am thinking of combining sued leather with vinyl leather along with etching western floral designs onto the jacket. I bought two jackets, A sued one and a leather vinyl one, paying more attention to the materials and colors than the cut of the jackets. The sued jacked is a little tight but it is ok because I am going to add strips to it from the vinal jacket. I have been playing around with laser cutting and specifically etching leather and what that looks like to get those nice complex designs and details seen in country and Western attire. I also want to add fringe as well as make it fade in color, having the top brown and fade to black toward the tips of the fringe. I am also thinking of adding 


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  • Efrosini Krokos
    April 1, 2024 9:47 am

    This looks really cool and fun, especially with the variety of materials. Have you decided on a pattern for the embellishment?


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