Weekly Progress Report on the Levitating Globe

Project Overview:

The Levitating Globe  project, incorporating steampunk design with natural elements, continues to evolve. This week, significant progress has been made in the development of the rotating base for the levitation mechanism.

Focus of the Week: Rotating Base Development


  1. Integration of Pinion Gears: The incorporation of two pinion gears into the rotating base has been a major developmental step this week. These gears are integral to the smooth and precise movement of the base, crucial for the levitation mechanism’s stability.
  2. Servo Motor Implementation: A significant advancement has been the inclusion of a servo motor. The motor’s key role is in driving the rotation of the base. Its choice was dictated by the need for precision in movement and control.
  3. Reduction Gear on Motor: In an innovative move, a reduction gear has been added to the servo motor. This addition serves dual purposes:
    • Increased Positioning Precision: The reduction gear enhances the motor’s ability to make finely tuned adjustments in the base’s positioning. This precision is critical for the delicate balance required in the levitating mechanism.
    • Enhanced Torque: The reduction gear also amplifies the torque output of the motor. This increase in torque ensures that the base can support and rotate the levitating element (the globe and nature scene) without strain or instability

Challenges and Solutions:

. Refinement of Balance and Precision

  • Objective: To achieve and maintain a harmonious balance between the gear system and the motor while ensuring the desired level of precision in the rotating base.
  • Approach: This will involve careful calibration and testing. The focus will be on fine-tuning the interaction between the gears and the motor to enhance the stability and precision of the levitating mechanism.
  • Expected Outcome: A smoothly operating rotating base that aligns perfectly with the levitating element, providing a stable and visually appealing motion.

2. Enhancement of Torque in the Rotating Base

  • Objective: To address the initial challenge of insufficient torque which affected the stability of the rotating base.
  • Approach: This goal will be tackled by optimizing the addition of the reduction gear to the servo motor. The intention is to increase the torque output significantly.
  • Expected Outcome: A stronger and more stable rotating base capable of supporting and rotating the levitating element effortlessly, thus enhancing the overall stability and functionality of the project.

Cad Design for rotating base

The top part

The base

Reduction Gear

The overall base  assembly


This week’s progress in developing the rotating base represents a substantial leap forward in the Levitating Nature Scene project. The integration of pinion gears, a servo motor, and a reduction gear exemplifies the project’s commitment to precision, stability, and innovative design. As we move into the next phase of testing and integration, the project is well on track to achieving its goal of creating a unique, captivating piece that harmoniously blends natural and mechanical aesthetics.





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  • Woah this is a really cool project. Looks like a lot of thought is going into this to get everything to work. Super excited to see this one at the expo. I was wondering, what modeling software did you use to create the gears?

  • Cannon Leitz
    April 14, 2024 9:44 pm

    Your attention to detail on integrating pinion gears and a servo motor demmonstrates the amount of dedication you are putting into this project. Have you encountered any unexpected challenges during this project?


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