Midnights Booklet: Documentation Part 1

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Midnights Booklet: Documentation Part 1



Hi everyone! I’m excited to document my journey in creating the Midnights booklet. 



As I began to brainstorm for this project, I felt very lost. Being a CTD major, I have a lot of background in terms of fabrication: in my arsenal of skills, I could woodwork, 3D print, draw, sew, et. cetera.  

Having so many options at my disposal, I struggled to lock down one singular idea. So, as I often do, I headed to Pinterest and began surfing. I typed out “graphic design outputs” into the search bar and saw one idea that stuck out to me: a visually-succinct booklet that is centered around one topic. Knowing then that I wanted to create a booklet for this project, I began the phases of visualizing and planning.

An example of a cohesive booklet design – Pinterest

Another example of a cohesive booklet design – Pinterest



Most of my original concept for this booklet involved music, whether it’s song titles or song lyrics themselves. I loved the idea of working with an artist whom I enjoy listening to, so I’d have a nice physical memento to keep with me as a result of this project.  

Eventually, I landed on Taylor Swift’s studio album, Midnights. I feel that Swift’s deep lyricism and vibrant world-building in her most recent album will lend itself well to the outlet of my project. My vision is this: Each page in this booklet will correspond to a song on the album, meaning I’ll have at least 13 page spreads if I don’t include the 9 additional “3 A.M. edition” bonus songs. 

As I thought about the booklet’s function, I decided that I wanted the final product to be a highly polished physical artifact; think a nice, custom-made wedding book with high-quality photos inside, including a cloth cover and thick, glossy pages.

For my design aesthetic, I did some more digging on Minimalism and landed on a subset of the aesthetic, which is known as Duotone Minimalism. Duotone minimalism uses (as the name implies) two colors for the entire design. Also, other elements like font and imagery must be minimal. I thought that this aesthetic will help the book employ a succinct visual identity, as well as challenge me as a designer. In most of my designs, I love using a lot of visual elements and bright colors. I felt that “boxing” myself in would both challenge me and help me grow in getting my ideas across more powerfully and simply.


Initial Sketches 

Once I had a solidified idea, I moved onto storyboarding; I started out by creating an outline for the booklet in Canva. 

Then, I created a timeline with checkpoints to ensure that I’m working on this project in a timely manner.

Final Design Plans 

In my next blog post, I will talk more about my design process for this booklet. However, I’ll give you a snippet of how I started out my designs. I streamlined my design flow by starting out with completely black and white, rudimentary designs. After I had layouts for every page, I felt more confident to move forward with graphics, color, text, etc. 

Looking back, I’m glad I stopped and pivoted when I realized my workflow wasn’t serving me. It definitely helped me to make quick progress with so many pages to design before the deadline. 

I’m excited to continue documenting and sharing my process! I hope you enjoyed reading about my early steps in this project! 

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  • Collin Ruprecht
    May 2, 2024 1:45 pm

    I can tell that you were very passionate and put a lot of effort into this project! Do you plan to put the songs in the same order as the original album or change it up?

  • Kyra Anderson
    April 29, 2024 9:22 pm

    Hi Hailey, I love your inspiration for this project and I think the midnights title page looks great. I’m excited to see what you did for the rest of the songs because I’m a big fan of Taylor Swift too! I was wondering which song page you struggled with the most and why?

  • Hi Hailey! Great post, I’m excited to see how your project comes together. I remember really liking some of the design tests you did earlier on in the semester. I think it’s cool how you’ve documented some of the early struggles you had getting started on an idea, and I’m glad those constraints led you to an idea you were happy with. If you had to start this project with one of those other skills you were considering, what do you think you might have gone with and how do you think your project might have changed?


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