Introduction: Initially was set to be a bigger piece, after a mirror shattered and an album release I decided to derail my plans. I shrunk my initial idea for a guillotine and edited my choice of “blade”. The piece is a vanity piece that can sit upon a dresser, able to move up and down at the users discretion. The aesthetic is Mcblinbpg, when you think Y2K it’s usually Mcbling, it’s the Simple Life and all things celebrity culture, pink and shiny.

Inspirations: Random objects and color schemes from the Mcbling era and the way it masks macabre with bright in your face colors.

Picture one:


Picture 2:

Guillotine how tos are not easy to find, which made things very difficult for something of a larger scale. In terms of weights, how things will move etc. it would have been nice to have some precedent to watch or fall back on. I forged ahead, dead set on a Mcbling guillotine no matter what. I scaled it down, the bigger piece wouldn’t get much use other than Halloween and doing it this way makes it usable and enjoyable by everyone that lives with me.

An original mock up after figuring out I wanted it smaller and to completely shift gears from my original plan. Got to work from there, used dremel and other power tools to cut out shapes for the guillotine as well as sanding, 

Post Project: I am very glad that mirror broke and derailed plans, creating a heart instead of a stop sign fit my aesthetic better too. I painted everything, cut everything and the more I look at it the more I think it needs mire glitter




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  • Andres Serrano
    April 28, 2024 11:27 pm

    I love how you took something that has a pretty dark history and gave it character and lots of bright colors. I also think that the broken mirror was a good outcome because you were able to match your aesthetic even more. Will you hold it as a decorative piece indefinitely now?

  • Hi Efrosini, I love how the final project came out. Your design is so unique and creative, I love that. I noticed that you said you originally wanted it to be larger, and I was curious if you were able to make it larger how would you go about that and if there was anything you would enhance or change about it.


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