For my final project, I made a lamp shade that rotates from the rising heat of the light bulb from the lamp.  The Aesthetic is Goblincore and Cottagecore.  I generally really like these aesthetics in my personal, everyday life and wanted to have a lamp that sort of reflected that general earthy feel.  I also didn’t want it to be motorized or something else in order to make it dynamic, so I thought about how heat rises and could turn this lamp shade and therefore make it dynamic.


I had an old lamp in my childhood that turned from the light bulb heat that had a sort of pinwheel-type top and wanted to recreate this top for my lamp as it had worked in that old lamp.

I also really like earthy, natural looking aspects in decorations.  I’m not the best artist but leaves, vines, roots, the colors brown, green, and orange all together felt like the right way to go.  I used thicker paper to form the shade of the lamp.  I colored these sheets of paper with colored pencils and markers in order to give a general, nicer coloring to the shade and to form the earthy designs.

I also had these plastic circles that I cut into triangular slivers to form the pinwheel-type top of the shade.  I used the tacks from the original circles’ connections to attach these slivers to the shade walls and each other at the center.

Furthermore, I added circles of wire to the top and bottom inside of the shade in order to help the shade hold its form.

It doesn’t really like to rotate on top the lamp I’m using right now, but it does fit and sit nicely on top of it and diffuse the light well.  I really like how it turned out and looks, even if it doesn’t really work the way I intended.


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  • Benjamin Hyde
    May 6, 2024 11:16 am

    Wonderful project! I remember having one of these growing up, it boggled my mind as a child how such a thing could move on its own. But I would usually succumb to the dancing teddy bears on the walls and drift off to sleep.

  • Juliette – this is a very creative project that definitely intrigues me. I like how the system is passive and is only intended to use the heat of the light to power itself. I wonder if making the blades of the light thicker or differently shaped would make it rotate better.

  • Great work on your project Juliette! I really like the aesthetic choice and the way the final product came out. Did you consider using any sort of fake leaves and twigs in your design or in future iterations of this design? I also like the pinwheel shape at the top and how that adds a more whimsical feel.


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