Post 11 Final Report Part 1: Levitating Globe Project


The Levitating Globe project is an ambitious endeavor that seamlessly combines the intricate aesthetics of steampunk with the organic beauty of nature. This report outlines the inspirations behind the project, the technical and artistic specifications, and provides a detailed account of the initial and final designs, including CAD drawings.

Inspirations and Existing Designs

The core inspiration for the Levitating Globe project derives from a fascination with steampunk culture, which merges Victorian-era mechanical innovations with futuristic concepts. This aesthetic was infused with elements of nature to create a harmonious blend of technology and organic beauty. Existing designs that influenced this project include the magnetic levitation devices commonly used in modern display technologies and vintage globes that feature detailed, artisanal cartography.


Project Vision and Specifications


The vision for the Levitating Globe project was to create a visually stunning and functionally innovative piece that not only serves as a decorative item but also exemplifies cutting-edge design and engineering. The goal was to craft a piece that attracts the eye with its delicate balance and movement, and retains interest with its detailed, intricate aesthetics.


  • Functionality: The globe is designed to levitate and rotate smoothly without physical contact with any surfaces, using a magnetic levitation mechanism.
  • Form: The structure features a blend of mechanical and natural elements, using metals like bronze and copper accentuated with natural motifs such as leaves and vines.
  • Aesthetic: Steampunk with a touch of nature, emphasizing intricate gears and mechanical designs alongside organic shapes and greenery.

Artistic Vision and Aesthetic

The artistic vision was focused on achieving a balance between the mechanical rigidity of steampunk and the fluidity of natural elements. This was accomplished by integrating gear and pinion designs that not only function mechanically but also contribute visually to the steampunk theme. The natural elements were incorporated through color schemes and material choices, such as the use of sap green and gold to highlight details and add a touch of elegance and earthiness.

Initial Sketches and Final Design Plans

Initial Sketches

The initial sketches focused on the layout of the rotating base and the positioning of the globe within the C-shaped armature. Early designs experimented with various gear placements and sizes to ensure functional stability and aesthetic appeal.

Include Sketches:

  1. Initial sketch of the base with gear placements.
  2. Conceptual drawing of the C-shaped armature with the globe.

CAD Drawings

The final design was refined using CAD software, which allowed for precise measurements and a detailed examination of mechanical interactions.


The final design

  1. Top Part: Detailed design of the upper section of the rotating base, highlighting the integration of the gears
  2. Base: The lower section, showcasing the support structures and magnetic levitation mechanism.
  3. Reduction Gear: Focus on the gear mechanism attached to the servo motor to enhance torque and precision.
  4. Overall Base Assembly: A comprehensive view of the entire base assembly, illustrating how all parts interact.

How the Aesthetic Was Embodied in the Design

The steampunk aesthetic was embodied through the use of metallic components with a vintage finish, intricate gearing visible throughout the design, and mechanical components that are both functional and decorative. The natural aesthetic was incorporated through the color palette and the use of natural forms in the detailing of the metalwork, such as leaf and vine engravings on the bronze and copper surfaces.


This initial part of the final report outlines the conceptualization and design stages of the Levitating Globe project. By integrating technical precision with artistic flair, the project not only achieves its functional goals but also stands as a testament to the fusion of different design philosophies. As the project moves towards completion, subsequent parts of the report will detail the construction, testing, and final implementation stages.


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  • Kyra Anderson
    April 29, 2024 9:17 pm

    Hi Grreshan, I think your project looks great and really sticks to your aesthetic. I really like the painted base paired with the metal paint of the gears. I was curious how you decided on the gear sizes you used?

    • Grreshan Ramesh
      May 6, 2024 9:49 am

      Hi Kyra , Thank you for your response
      When deciding on the gear sizes for the Levitating Globe project, several factors were considered including mechanical requirements for torque and load, aesthetic integration with the steampunk theme, spatial constraints within the base, and the durability of materials. The process involved simulations and prototyping to ensure the gears were both functionally effective and visually compelling within the design.

  • Jace Aschbrenner
    April 29, 2024 1:06 pm

    Hey Grreshan,
    This is a great looking project! I really like the use of gold colors and gears. It makes me think of the movie Uncharted. I did notice that all of the painted components were gold, did you consider painting them another color such as silver?

    • Grreshan Ramesh
      May 6, 2024 9:53 am

      Hi Jace ,
      Thank you for your compliments on the project! While gold was chosen to highlight the steampunk aesthetic, integrating silver was considered to add contrast and depth; however, gold was ultimately selected to maintain a warm, cohesive look that resonated with the overall design theme.


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