Street Racing Steering Wheel Final Report: Part 1

For my main project, I decided to build an Xbox controller steering wheel adapter. I got the idea last semester when I was playing a modded version of GTA that allowed you to adjust settings and drift cars. The game was fun, but I thought I could make it feel more like a drifting simulator if I made a steering wheel and pedals. You can buy other input devices that plug right into the computer, but they can be expensive and are not as compatible with games as an xbox controller. I want this device to be purely mechanical so it is easily compatible and free of bugs. I would also like to keep the cost below $50. Part of the inspiration for this device is that I do not want to pay $100-$300 for a device like the one shown below.

$300 Logitech Gaming Racing Wheel with Pedals  [1]


The aesthetic I chose for this project is the street racing aesthetic. This aesthetic has a sleek almost futuristic look. Since underground street racing usually takes place at night, this aesthetic often has a dark background. At the same time, it also contains bold eye-catching lights and colors that contrast against this dark background.

Image by Pavarita J [2]

A big part of street racing is making modifications to your car, so unique modifications to existing parts are also another feature of this aesthetic. Some characteristics of the street racing aesthetic can be found below along with some more pictures.

  • Urban surroundings
  • Neon underglow lighting
  • Bright colors and graphics
  • Sleek
  • Dark backgrounds
  • Metallic and glossy finishes

Image by CHER CHER SAN📼 [3]

Image titled “Happiness” by the Kilowatt [4]

Specs and Constraint:

The primary goal of my project is to embody the street racing aesthetic in every aspect. I want the final product to exhibit the sleek, futuristic style that is common within this aesthetic. It should feature a dark background contrasted by vibrant backlighting to fully capture the essence of the street racing aesthetic. In addition to the aesthetic, the functionality of my device is very important. The steering wheel adapter should seamlessly integrate with an Xbox controller, providing a smooth and immersive gaming experience. It should accurately translate the rotation of the wheel into in-game movements, therefore enhancing gameplay. The third requirement I have for this project is that I achieve a high level of craftsmanship. From the materials used to the precision in assembly, I want a final product that not only looks visually appealing but also feels robust and well-built.

Image by h3ro [5]

Patience and attention to detail will be key in ensuring a professional finish and this is why I give myself plenty of time to finish early. I also wanna work closely with the employees at the ITLP and Idea Forge to ensure the manufacturing process goes smoothly. Another requirement I have for my project is that it is somewhat modular. There should be room for me to make changes and add new additions. I plan on adding pedals to control gas and brake so the enclosure needs to have enough room to accommodate new components that interface with the controller. Similarly, I also want my device to be easy to set up. Sometimes I will need to use the Xbox controller without using my steering wheel. I want the setup of my device to be simple so that it takes less than 3 minutes to set up or remove the controller. It should also not require any tools. 

Underglow kit by rgb halo kits [6]

During the construction of this project, there are several constraints that I face. One of these constraints is my personal skillset. There are many skills required to complete my project and I am confident in my abilities in CAD design and additive manufacturing. I am less comfortable with the machining and woodworking necessary for completing my project so I will need some help from employees and peers at the ITLP and Idea Forge. Another major constraint is time. Balancing design iterations, fabrication, and testing within the allotted time frame will require efficient time management. Portability is also one of my project constraints. This device needs to be stored in my room and it is important to me that it does not take up too much space. I also have to find the right balance so that it is sturdy enough not to move during use but light enough that it is easy to transport. Budget will be another one of my constraints. This constraint is important when I am making material choices. I want the device to match the street racing aesthetic, but I would also like to keep the cost below $50. The final constraint on my project is manufacturability. I can come up with some unique and cool design choices to help my project fit the street racing aesthetic. The problem is I need to make sure my design choices are manufacturable within my available resources and facilities. 


I decided to limit my project to just a steering wheel setup and I plan on adding the pedals later down the road. I started by sketching out a preliminary design, which is shown below. 

My plan was to create some type of enclosure that the controller would sit inside of and would hold the steering wheel in place. I would then create the steering wheel myself by buying the outer portion and manufacturing the center part. Lastly, I needed a way to translate the rotation of the steering wheel to the linear motion needed to steer on the Xbox controller.

Starting with the steering wheel to controller adapter, I did some research and was able to find a CAD model online that would work great for my project. The following CAD model on Thingiverse was developed by a user named Pixel2.

Steering Adapter created by Pixel2 [7]

I started by printing the adapter out of PLA and testing it out on my controller. After some testing, I made several changes. I want to use my wired controller so I made room in the back of the adapter for the cable to fit. The frame of the adapter is very thin so I decided I would print it using PETG instead of PLA to give it more strength. I also noticed the gear only turned about 45 degrees in either direction and since a real steering wheel turns about 1.5 times I would need to add more gearing to make the device realistic. I made all these changes in CAD which is shown below.

Moving on to the design of my steering wheel, I started by looking at Google images for inspiration. I found the following steering wheel which I thought fit my aesthetic pretty well.

Steering wheel by MOMO Motorsport [8]

I thought having the outer part of the wheel be black leather and having the inner portion be shiny and metallic would give it the street racing look I am going for. I also considered adding backlighting to the steering wheel itself. As I continued to design my own steering wheel I found it really hard to find the outer ring I needed. I decided the best route forward would be to 3d print the steering wheel and I ended up with the following design.

Similar to my initial sketch, I designed the core of the wheel with a triangular look. I thought this looked sleek and it provided 3 surfaces for the arms to attach. I wanted to manufacture the core and the arms out of aluminum so I could give the wheel a nice metallic look, but also keep it lightweight. I would 3d print the steering wheel in 3 separate parts and secure them together around the arms using some hardware. To get feedback on machinability and material choice I met with Jennifer Boggs at the ITLL to go over my design. She helped me narrow down my material choice for each of the components and confirmed that each part could be machined at the ITLP except the bend on the arms which could be done at the idea forge.

Lastly, was the design of the enclosure that holds everything together. My plan was to create a box out of wood and to paint it black. I also planned on adding underglow to the enclosure using LEDs. The full assembly below shows my complete design as I went into fabrication.


[1] Logitech Driving Force G29 Gaming Racing Wheel With Pedals


[2] Pavarita J, pinterest post titled “Boom”


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[8] MOMO Motorsport MOD Drift Steering Wheel Black Suede          



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  • Serena Carville
    May 2, 2024 2:56 am

    Hãy tranh thủ tham gia và tải xuống app để nhận ngay những quà tặng hấp dẫn tại!

  • John Bileschi
    May 1, 2024 2:57 pm

    Hello Sanchez, I am once again super stoked on your project. To think back to when you first discussed this idea to where you have come to now is truly inspirational. I’m very impressed with your CAD work and truly moved by the sick photos that you have provided us with. I wish you all the best for the conclusion of your project! Well done!

  • Tiana Vitry
    May 1, 2024 12:34 pm

    I like the idea that this is purely mechanical and that your project (maybe(?)) improves on the inspiration design. The CAD turned out really nice! I am excited to see the final product.


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