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During my time in MCEN 4379 Aesthetic of Design, I took part in many projects and learned many new aesthetic based and fabrication skills throughout. Below is an outline of the two main projects I did throughout this semester and the work I put in to get to their final products:

Up-cycle Project: Miyadaiku Puzzle-like Sculpture

Final Product of Miyadaiku Puzzle-like Sculpture


Initial Project Aesthetic:
Up-cycle progress:
Opposite Aesthetic:…iku-vs-brutalism/
Final Post:
Biggest Lessons Learned:
  • Object look way larger in 3D modeling platforms so be careful with dimension when preparing to print something
  • 3D printing tolerances for fitment are mostly based off of specific printer tolerances so fitments require iteration on new printers
  • Wood working requires a lot of patience and prior skills, especially when it comes to complicated geometry which I overlooked substantially
Final Project: Minimalist Light Fixture
Initial Project Aesthetic:…en-light-fixture/
Opposite Aesthetic:…tives-max-palish/
Design Preview:…st-light-fixture/
Specifications and Constraints:…nd-constraints-2/
Final Report:…art-1-max-palish/
Biggest Lessons Learned:
  1. Buying cheap wood is a gamble especially when trying to do intricate things with it as the grain structure can make things very difficult.
  2. Super glue is very noticeable on dark colored 3D prints so if you do not expect do an additional finishing step be very careful with its application.
  3. Laser cutting tolerances at CU can be all over the place so even straight forward operations may take more time then you think.
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