Progress: Design Updates

My initial plan for the final project consisted of building a custom foldable hammock that could be self standing without any wall mounts. Unfortunately after doing some calculations on how much it would cost as well as the time involved I decided that was not feasible with the resources and time I have. Brainstorming some other options led me reading more about the transparent aesthetic that was extremely popular in the 90’s in technology.


Now that I decided on a aesthetic I thought about what type of design would work the best with this aesthetic. I recently got into collecting CD’s and purchased a old cd/dvd player to do the job. I think since there is a dynamic element to the CD player, the tray coming out and CD spinning inside, could look super cool. So far, I’ve taken the CD player apart and started to mock up where the various components can be mounted, now that I no longer have the external housing the player came with.



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  • Nic this is super dope and I really like the inspiration from the see-through gameboys. Big throwback to my childhood there. Excited to see the final product for this. I saw the other day you were using a clear plastic for the panels. Have you maybe looked into a stained acrylic or something like that? It’d be similar to the game boy just adds a little more color.


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