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I am going to use this post to talk about my work done when being enrolled in Aesthetics in Design course during Spring 2024 in CU Boulder. There have been two major projects I have worked upon during the enrollment of this course, having different aesthetics choices.

This choices inspired from various aesthetics ranging from natural fauna art to industrial manufactured models. I have explained below the following two projects separately:

A. Upcycle Project-

1. Inspiration:

AI Generated Japanese Bonsai

The inspiration behind my project arose from my fascination with the meticulous artistry of Japanese Bonsai cultivation, where every tree embodies a harmonious ecosystem within itself. I was intrigued by the idea of replicating this intricate beauty using discarded materials, thus infusing new life into otherwise neglected resources. By delving into the world of upcycling, I aimed to not only pay homage to the traditional art form but also contribute to sustainable practices by repurposing electronic waste wires and stones into something visually compelling and environmentally conscious.

2. Artifact:

3. Helpful Links:

B. Main Project-

1. Inspirations:

Artifact in MIT MUSEUM
Bagger 288

The project undertaken delves into the realm of abstract structural art, marrying elements of modernism and minimalism. Two principal sources provided inspiration and direction for this endeavor.

The artifacts showcased at the MIT Museum Art Exhibition served as an initial muse. These pieces were distinguished by their unique structural compositions, incorporating intriguing movements akin to perpetual machines. Notably, rod-like components featured prominently in these creations. The Bagger 288, a colossal earth excavator crafted by the German company Krupp, offered further inspiration. Regarded as the world’s largest of its kind, this engineering marvel boasts a myriad of mechanical intricacies, notably employing trusses extensively in its design.

2. Artifact:

3. Demonstration Video Link:

4. Helpful Links:

C. Conclusion:

Henceforth, I successfully completed building 2 artifacts in this course and coned my ideation skillset and provided a new outlook towards product designing as my future…

D. Reference:




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