Final Post Portfolio – Alex Reynolds

Hello, my name is Alex Reynolds and this is a summary of the work I have done throughout the semester in the course, Aesthetics In Design.

To begin, I had always been inspired by industrial and brutalist design. I think that the idea of exposed rebar, concrete, and sharp edges is astonishing. In addition, I feel like brutalist design can tell a story through its often cold and deep concrete layers. I hoped that my first project, which was an Upcycle process, would just peek into the world of industrial modernism. Therefore, I used exposed gas piping, dark colors, and industrial tones to create the following item shown below.

After completing my first project, I was left nothing but inspired to continue with my industrial / brutalist design exploration. To begin, I really wanted to allow my next project to emphasize how Brutalist architecture is sometimes covered in rubble, due to the history linked with it. When I was traveling in Berlin, I saw many brutalist structures that were covered with rubble, but beautiful in a special way. Therefore, I decided to utilize a concrete decayed aspect in my final design project. I then was inspired by the idea of using a light so I can offer the warmth effect that Brutalism often has.

Throughout my manufacturing process I created a wooden form with a rebar structure. Next, I wired a outdoor socket to the side of the rebar through PVC pipe. After this was all buttoned up, I utilized casting sand to create the decaying effect that my lamp will utilize. Next, I chose a special concrete and began pouring over the sequence of a few hours. After that, I let the concrete cure and I chiseled out all of the sand. This entire process yielded me with this final product.



I hope the photos above can explain the manufacturing process to those confused, I know the visuals are more helpful. To conclude, I am incredibly proud of both of my artifacts and I look forward to seeing how Brutalist Design will influence my career in the future.

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