The last few things I needed to do before the Presentation was sewing in the fur to the jacket. That was a rough night because fur is a difficult fabric to sew with since it’s hard to see what you are doing or where the seam is being placed. I sewed it onto the inside of the collar, and the inseam. I found it hard to make sure that the sewing line was lined up with the hems that I already made. After putting it all together I really enjoied what it looked like and how it turned out. I added small detales such as vynal leather lineing that I lazer cut and glued on that just added more texture and layers to the peice. 

What I want in my piece is to be androgynous in its gender expression and form. With a lot of the fashion pieces I make, I want gender expressions and forms to be out of the question but what looks best for the piece to be the primary look for my outfit? I loved a cropped look and how much shape it brings to the piece but I wanted larger sleeves to accentuate a strong form and pose. Some of my inspiration was western suede leather jackets. Through research and Pinterest boards of my inspiration, I found that the Western aesthetic overlaps a lot with indigenous aesthetics leading to my discovery that both aesthetics and ideas overlap within history. I didn’t want to make something that was indigenous or to appropriate that aesthetic since the mood I wanted was something more flamboyant rather than historic. I want to exemplify a more true American Western type that would be modernized outside of time or place but with obvious inspiration. I want people to say how the jacket is perfectly flamboyant and simple.

One of the largest inspirations for making this was just for fun. I find that the best art and projects I make are always without solid purpose and too much reason as to the why in making it. I found that with less intense reasoning I am more free to make more interesting creative choices without pressure on what the object should be. 

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  • Grreshan Ramesh
    May 8, 2024 1:43 pm

    Hi Cole ,
    Your post vividly details the challenges of sewing with fur and the creative process behind designing a gender-neutral, flamboyantly Western-inspired fashion piece. It would be beneficial to discuss how you addressed the technical sewing challenges and ensured the garment’s functionality and comfort, while thoughtfully navigating cultural inspirations to maintain contemporary relevance.

  • Alexis Cisneros
    May 8, 2024 1:20 pm

    Hi Cole,

    The jacket looks great! I like how you discussed the process with the fur. You described what you struggled on and what went well. The small details look great! Overall, a really informative post and great pictures to show the process.


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