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This class taught me a lot abound design project planning, prototyping, and how art can be integrated into our designs as engineers.

Project 1: Upcycle

My inspiration for transforming a Clase Azul bottle into a vase stemmed from a desire to celebrate the inherent beauty of these bottles while also contributing to sustainability efforts through upcycling. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant Mexican culture and the intricate designs adorning Clase Azul bottles, my vision was to create a functional yet visually captivating piece of art that pays homage to its origins.


The Art of Craft: Ceramicist Ángel Santos Honors the Spirit of Mexico With a New Handcrafted Decanter for Clase Azul

Project 2: Swing Set

As you may know my original inspiration was from Kyle’s Kinetics and I wanted to do a project similar to his work.  In my original vision I was going to create a rocket and moon kinetic sculpture, in which I would create out of steel and weld together to create an artifact similar to Kyles work.

My original Design:

As I begun to work on this project I ran into several roadblocks that jeopardized my ability to finish this project.  I do not have a lot of experience with welding and I was hoping to use the Idea Forge Welding shop to work on my project.  However, with all of the senior design projects I was unable to secure enough time for me to be able to go in and actually work on my project.  With this I decided to pivot my focus and design a new artifact, that will still be dynamic but will be 3D printed. I have more experience with 3D printing and there is more availability for using 3D printers on campus so I am confident I will be able to complete the project.

Although, I had to change my original design I am still excited for the artifact that I created.  I would like to think of this 3D printed version as a stepping stone such that in the future I will be able to recreate my project and make it out of steel as I originally Imagined.


I highly encourage you to take a look at Kyles other work. His socials and website will be below.





Decker, Ivy. “Makers 1-on-1: Kyle Auga – Kyle’s Kinetics Metal Balancing Sculptures.” Anthony Thomas Blog, 25 Jan. 2019,

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