Over the course of this class I created 2 aesthetic projects that I am proud of. First, for my upcycle aesthetics project I made a desert themed flower pot out of Lego. The goal of the project was to take a store bought plant and plant it in a Lego flower pot I built to be an aesthetic piece that mends rigid geometry with nature. As I looked at my material selection I realized I had lots of brown Lego and opted to go for a desert aesthetic pot. I bought a small cactus and built the cactus pot in a mostly square shape around it. In the end I achieved what I was trying to do but it wasn’t exactly what I was going for as the material selection of Lego I had was less diverse than I thought meaning I was only limited to certain bricks. Since the first upcycle project went less than optimal, I decided to put more planning and effort into the final project. In the final project, I decided to make something I have always wanted, and overdrive guitar pedal. I knew this would be more of a challenge since circuitry work would be required and I am not very experienced in that trade. After lots of research and YouTube, I got the pedal working through my amp on  breadboard. That to me was a proof of concept that I could make the project work. From their I talked to some guitar pedal enthusiast and ironed out most of the kinks in the functionality of the pedal. In the end it cam out really well and when its working, sounds really good. I am glad I at least got the circuit board functioning and the pedal looking professional.



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