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Hi, my name is Kyra Anderson! This semester is Aesthetics for Design, we were tasked to create 2 open-ended projects. The first one was an upcycling project in my aesthetic of choice and the second one could be anything as long as it had a dynamic component and fit into the aesthetic I chose. This class taught me a lot more about design and gave me new artistic ideas I could create with upcycling materials. It also helped develop my woodworking skills and ability to create a finished project from scratch!

Upcycle Project

I have always really loved nature which has led to my interest in sustainability. This is why I decided to create an upcycle project that would fit into the environmental aesthetic. This aesthetic incorporates depictions of nature with an environmentalism twist to add societal meaning to the piece. I ended up creating a futuristic city running on wind power as my project. I used recycled cardboard and then used the corrugated lines on it to add texture and create the illusion of wind. Below is a picture of my final project.

Windy City, Upcycle Project


To learn more about my upcycle project, you can visit my previous blog post here:

Main Design Project

For my main project, I wanted to create something that I could use in the future. I’ve always loved having my own herbs to cook with, so I thought making a planter box with a drawer would be a fun challenge. I created it in the modern farmhouse aesthetic so that it matches with the furniture I already have. This aesthetic utilizes clean lines, a neutral color pallet, rustic looking woods, and metal accents. A finished picture can be seen below.

Finished planter

If you are interested in learning more about this project, here are links to the other blog posts about my planter box:

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