This is a short portfolio linking to a variety of different projects I have worked on this semester, focusing on work completed for and relevant to aesthetics in design.

AesDes Work:

Upcycle Project: Pioneer-Primitive Cradle

finished cradle, me

The first project I did for aesthetics in design was the upcycle project, where I created a frontier-pioneer newtons cradle. I focused on sourcing materials, planning out manufacturing, and maintaining aesthetic. This project was definitely enjoyable and taught me a lot about prioritizing aesthetics over function.

Main Project: Neumouse (originally barbell)


For my main project, I was initially planning on creating home-made, dark minimalist barbell and plates for a DIY home gym. While this would have been very functional, straightforward, and easy to accomplish, I felt that it was a bit boring and uninspired. Additionally, I felt that I was not going to learn much from the process other than how to mix concrete. Here are the posts relevant to that original project:


preview render, me

After discussing with my pod, I decided to change my project idea to a computer mouse. I have been wanting a new mouse as my current one is getting old and frequently does not work. While I love the ergonomics and functionality of my mouse, I do not like the gamer aesthetic, and new mice are extremely expensive. Additionally, I have very limited I/O on my laptop and think a Bluetooth mouse would be a good solution. I decided to proceed with this as my project, and set out designing and prototyping immediately. I learned a lot about surfacing, master modeling, and Photovie360 (R.I.P.) animations. The following are relevant post links:


Balisong Render, Me

Additionally, I also created what is effectively another final project in an afternoon. A hobby of mine is balisongs (butterfly knives) and own multiple. While I currently own four, I have owned many more which I have previously sold. Unfortunately the reputation of balisongs due to popular culture and (dumb) legislature is that of danger and crime, for anyone familiar they are pieces of art. The average retail value is around $300, I have owned +$800 pieces, and it is easy to find collection pieces selling for +$2000. I made an ‘Executive Style’ minimalist balisong to be made from standard size sheet metal in SolidWorks, but pivoted away as I felt I would learn more from another project and that this project may face significant opposition. Here is a link to a post on this project:

External Work:

I will simply link my LinkedIn here as it is the one location with the most concentrated information on my random work, most of which has to do with CAD and 3D printing.

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