In the Aesthetics of Design course, I gained insights into the diverse styles found in various products and arts. This included studying the unique characteristics and elements that define different styles, such as minimalism, art deco, modernism, and postmodernism. Through this exploration, I developed a deeper understanding of how design styles evolve, influence each other, and impact the perception and interpretation of artistic works and products.

Upcycle Project:

For the upcycle project, I tried to create a visual theme inspired by aquatic or underwater elements. This project involves using clear plastic bottles filled with Orbeez and illuminated with LED light strips. The Orbeez inside the bottle helps to showcase the LED light in a way that resembles the glow of sea life in the ocean. I chose this project because there are many unused or discarded water bottles in households, and they can be easily repurposed with minor modifications. The reason for selecting this specific aesthetic is to utilize the transparency of the plastic bottles to create a hanging, illuminated effect. Orbeez becomes translucent and slightly transparent when hydrated. This quality allows them to diffuse light, creating a soft and captivating radiance. In the context of the aquatic theme, the translucent nature of Orbeez can simulate the way light passes through water, contributing to the overall illusion of an underwater environment. LED light strips, known for their color and intensity versatility, will be strategically placed to enhance the visual impact of the Orbeez. By opting for cool-toned colors like blues and greens, reminiscent of underwater environments, a lighting scheme that complements the overall aesthetic can be achieved. LEDs also provide a consistent and adjustable light source that can mimic the dynamic qualities of natural light in the ocean. The combination of translucent Orbeez and LED lighting can resemble the bioluminescence found in certain sea creatures, adding an extra dimension to the project.

Final Project:

For my final project, I endeavored to create a driftwood ceiling light that embodies a rustic charm. I crafted driftwood pieces from a log, embedding warm yellow light bulbs within them, and arranged them around a central ring for hanging. The choice to use driftwood was driven by its weathered texture and the captivating gaps and knots present throughout the log. By incorporating these natural features into the design, I aimed to create a visually engaging effect as light passes through, highlighting the unique character of the driftwood. This not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of the light but also allows for the creation of captivating patterns and shadows that dance around the room, enhancing the overall ambiance. The inspiration for my project originated from my visits to beach resorts, where I was captivated by the enchanting glow of candles encased within wooden structures. The interplay of light and shadow created by the gaps in the wood was both mesmerizing and beautiful. Drawing from this experience, I set out to recreate a similar effect using driftwood. I was particularly drawn to the irregularities and unique textures of driftwood, believing that these natural elements would enhance the visual appeal of the light pattern. By harnessing the natural beauty of driftwood, I aimed to evoke the same sense of tranquility and beauty that I experienced at the beach resorts.


Upcycle Project: Aquatic Light – Aesthetics of Design (

Final Project: Final Project Report 1- Driftwood Ceiling Light – Aesthetics of Design (

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