Meridith’s Main Project Design Review Report

INSPIRATIONS: Trimpin is a kinetic sculptor and sound artist who visited the ATLAS Black Box theater last semester (Trimpin’s Website). He installs exhibits where embedded microcontrollers around the room and within different components send MIDI data back to his computer and digitally produce sound. Some of the components produce live sound as well, as a…
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Broken Tea Cup Mosaic Purse Upcycle Report

I was initially inspired by the aesthetic of mosaics. I love the texture and the various applications, as well as the potential to use recycled materials, whether broken glass, pottery, beads, etc. A lot of the mosaic projects I am familiar with are classic cement-based or grouted ones, such as my inspirational examples below. Inspirations:…
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Telefoni Bianchi (Italian ‘White Telephone’ Films of the 1930’s)

In the 1930’s, a white telephone was a luxury item and a symbol of opulence. This visual status symbol indicated great wealth and represents an era of Italian filmmaking focused on the glamorous lives of those who could afford such an ostentatious technology1. The aesthetic of these films revolved around lush settings and grand, splendid worlds in…
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