Final Project Report pt. 2: Dynamic Infinity Mirror

I wanted to build something that I would use as decoration. I wanted it to be interesting and fun to gaze at, but I also wanted it to be challenging to build, which I believe my project achieved all of that. Next I would like to refine this project a little more by replacing the acrylic with some nicer pieces and possibly work on the power issues I was having. Regardless I am extremely happy with the outcome of my project.

I think the semester was extremely beneficial in the sense that the way I perceive objects around me and their design has changed drastically. I have found a new way to analyze items and use that as a tool to benefit my own designs. I also gained a lot of insight into my own problem solving and design processes. I gained confidence in my ability to plan, design, and execute a project with a good final result. I found my weak spots and learned where I need to look for to identify the known unknowns more clearly.

My project actually stayed very consistent throughout the entire design process, there were a few minor tweaks, but nothing drastic. I knew what aesthetic and function I wanted my design to have from the beginning and I stuck to that. And I think that paid off, I was able to have my idea really set in stone before I started building which gave me confidence in my manufacturing.

The public really enjoyed my project, especially the littler kids. They were so perplexed by the effect of the infinity mirror. I was also extremely surprised by how many individuals were unaware of what an infinity mirror was. So it was a nice experience to explain the physics and how I made my own design of an infinity mirror unique by adding the dynamic element. Which I still haven’t been able to find anything like my own project online, so if anyone else finds something similar let me know, I would love to see how someone else built theirs.

The one thing I wish I would’ve done differently is take more time researching the electronic part of this project. I had assumed that the electronics were going to act a certain way, but they didn’t at all. I wish I would have accepted that these were Known Unknowns and not Known Knowns.

I am extremely happy to have taken this course this semester. I feel that I have learned a lot about myself, my design process, and my ability to create something from a sketch.

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Oksana Schuppan
May 5, 2017 10:04 pm

Love the infinity mirror! Still stuck on the idea of providing lighting in public spaces using mirrors to duplicate light sources for less energy consumption. Dreamers gotta dream!

Kyle Aulwurm
May 3, 2017 3:33 pm

Really like how the project turned out. It’s great that you learned a lot from your whole experience. The project meeting your expectations for challenge and aesthetic is good and knowing where you’d go with the project is nice. Good work!


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