Upcycle Project: Final Report

My initial idea was to do something along the lines of up-cycled fashion however I did not know exactly what I wanted to do whether it be a hat, a purse, a dress or pants, etc. I decided to go out to a thrift store to get some ideas. Thrifting is a favorite hobby of mine because you can find the most unique or basic things all for a lowered price! And since someone was going to throw it away anyway at least they can donate their trash to thrift stores so that it can become someone else’s treasure. So I looked around for inspiration, and I stumbled upon a bag of alphabet fridge magnets. I loved the colors and they reminded me of growing up with those on my fridge back in the day.

This brings me to my aesthetic inspiration for this project: the art form Kitsch. Kitsch is the German word for trash and is often used to describe cheap, meaningless forms of pop culture/commercial culture. It is identifiable by it’s cheesiness or tackiness, and appeals to popular or uncultivated taste because the forms are often garish or overly sentimental, simply meaning that these objects are considered by other people to be ugly, without style, false, or in poor taste but enjoyed or appreciated by still other people in an ironic or knowing way or because it is funny or recognizable.

Below is a sculpture of Michael Jackson and his beloved pet chimpanzee Bubbles by the artist Jeff Koons.

Image result for jeff koons"

Andy Warhol – Campbell Soup Cans. 1962,

Kitsch art


I first laid out the letters how I thought I wanted them which was completely random but then I thought it would be cooler if I made words out of them.

I started making more words and decided to cover the entire front of the jacket with random funny/cute words. I then glued them down with e6000 glue in the orientation I planned.

I also had a few number magnets so I made them appear as buttons on the front of the jacket.

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  • Victoria Rios
    Benjamin Robles
    February 14, 2020 11:52 am

    In-depth critique by Benjamin Robles:

    Hello Victoria, here is my critique following the 4 steps outlined in Lerman, Liz, Critical Response Process.

    1. Statement of meaning: I really enjoy the random order of your work. I say that because at first glance it seems completely random and out of order. But when I look closer, I can see the words you planned to write. The numbers being up and down and following sequential order makes it seem put together. I also like how the words’ letters are different colors as opposed to a word being all one color. And as for your aesthetic, of Kitsch, I think you nailed it. It is something I grew up with and would totally considered trash after it left my fridge but you made something you would see in a pop culture music video.

    2. Artist Questioner: Well this is where you as me a question. If you do, I will be sure to reply.

    3. Neutral Questions: You chose to use a semi transparent fabric, was this for a particular reason? You also chose to do a top piece of clothing rather than something like pants, is there a reason?

    4. Permission opinion: I am going to assume you give me permission. I am going to refer to your post. In my opinion, I think you should talk about the images of inspiration you used. I did not understand the soup cans with respect to your aesthetic. Also, you should have a source link and reference, unless you took them. Which you might have!

    I hope this was useful!

    Benjamin Robles


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