Erick’s Aspiration

In the years that I have been studding Mechanical engineering I have taken very interesting class. I noticed that although I learned the theory of how things should work, I have not learned the practices to the extent that I would like. What do I mean by this? Well looking back in previous classes and…
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Erick Pena Skills

I am currently a senior in mechanical engineering graduating this May, and have the similar course background as my team mates.  I have spend a lot of time 3-D printing at the ITLL so the process on how to get your design in 3-D is pretty fresh. I am very good with almost anything that involves hands…
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LED insects and Spiders

I wanted to create something unique for the upcycling assignment. I had a accumulated some electronic components from past classes and also from the ITLL to create what I call LED spiders shown in Figure 1. I really liked to watch and sometimes even capture fireflies because of there very interesting feature that they obtain to…
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