The Light Structure: Upcycling Progress

For my upcyling design I wanted to create a light product/structure. To put it simply it would be considered a lamp or a light fixture of some sort, but I wanted to broaden my design so that the only criteria is that it deals with light in some fashion. I have included below my design thinking and things I considered while I was brainstorming about this design and all it would entail.

Upcyling Progress

This is a PDF of my design thinking and sketches of my initial thoughts on my design. I want to further develop my concept and logistics of the project as well as my inspiration as I keep gathering information to help me move my design forward.

This is a hanging planter I found at Resource that I thought might make a good base outline for a lighting structure.
This is a hanging planter I found at Resource that I thought might make a good base outline for a lighting structure.
I have collected various musical strings and other neutral colored twine that will help conceal light when woven together.


This is the LED light set I bought to supply the light source. It is battery operated so the light structure can be away from an outlet.

My next steps in my progress will be to start experimenting with he twine and strings on the planter to see what different light effects it will create. I want to develop my concept and function of the design better, and what its overall meaning will be. I also need to solve the design problem of being able to turn the light on and off when it is fixed inside the planter.

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  • Peter Brunsgaard
    January 31, 2016 11:54 pm

    Elyse, this looks like quite the lamp! Do you have a particular kind of twine/stick that you plan on using to build up the nest looking light? We talked in class about using Egg shaped lights as well, which I think would really enhance the aesthetic of the fixture. I’m excited to see how it turns out!

  • Shawn Sprinkle
    January 31, 2016 11:35 pm

    Very cool! I came very close to doing an LED project for this. Have you thought about using EL wire? Really fun stuff to play around with. You can also buy a sound inverter which controls the light intensity based off of sound input. It can even be battery powered!

  • I really like the concept. I think creating things with LEDs is always fun and has its own futuristic aesthetic to it. I like the planet Idea that you had I think you can make some cool structures using that hanging planter. A solar system lamp mobile would look really nice.

  • This seems like it could be really cool to make a sort of light fixture/chandelier. I think it would be really cool if you somehow made it look like a hanging planter with a plant it in and the light could somehow come from the plant. Also the turning on and off could be as simple as unplugging it or turning off a power strip.


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