Here to help: Dan Moody’s Skillset

My best skill is a willingness and readiness to get in there and help you with anything. If we don’t have a skill or need to learn new things, thats the whole point of education right? I can definitely put in the time to do this.

As a mechanical engineering graduate student in the design program I’m definitely interested in design and can help bounce ideas around and help with the design process as a whole. A run down of other skills and familiarities are below.

  • Basic woodworking (Built several things including simple furniture)
    • I have lots of hand tools and a few power tools
    • Good with staining, sanding, painting
  • Photography (I have a good mirrorless camera and tripod setup)
    • lightroom, imovie
  • Transportation
    • I have a big van with a lot of space to move stuff
  • Welding
    • Very basic but I have taken the Idea Forge workshop. Would love to develop this further, my project will most likely involve it
  • Bicycles
    • I have worked in bike and ski shops for 3 years
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  • Jacob Mccormick
    February 14, 2016 5:21 pm

    You have a nice, wide array of skills. The photography is an interesting one, and could definitely come in handy.

  • You sound like a great teammate 🙂
    I like that you listed your willingness to dive in and just be helpful – this is definitely invaluable on a team and college is the perfect time to develop this.
    I look forward to learning more about bikes from you this semester, and would love to get better at welding as well, so let me know what your final project ends up being.

  • Good to know that you have these skills. Woodworking and bike experience will probably the most useful for me.


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