Sami Maierhofer’s Skill Set

I have had a variety of experience that have given me a lot of hands on experience that I can help contribute to the team. As a mechanical engineer I have had quite a bit of practice in SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, and designing pieces for manufacturing.

Through my job I have also become proficient in sheet metal work, 3D printing, and some basic electronics. At work I have done quite a bit with arduino so have a decent working knowledge on how to program in the language. Along with the arduino I learned how to solder components to a board as well as wiring.

I also spent some time as a TA for GEEN 1400/2400. In this time I was certified for the machine shop, drill, lathe, laser cutter, etc. I worked a lot with students in arduino to help figure out bugs in their projects among other things. Above all, TAing helped me to actively problem solve and look for a way to find a creative solution to a problem to keep the design going.

I’d love to help any of my team mates out if they have a need for any of these skills.

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