Sami Maierhofer’s Aspirations

What are my aspirations? This is a very difficult question at this point in my life. As a Grad student graduating in May I am constantly faced with the question of what do I want to do with my life and what are my aspirations.

For my first job I would like to do something that I enjoy. I know that sounds a bit cliche, but I have spent so much of my life in school where I have been forced to do work. As I approach my graduation date, I look forward to having a job I can enjoy. Specifically I have been looking for a job in design and/or robotics. These fields tend to be where my interests are and is what I would like to pursue.

Long term I see myself continuing to design and create cool things. I’m not exactly sure what direction that will take. Maybe I will become a senior engineer. Maybe I will get into managing. Maybe I will become a teacher or professor. Or maybe I will do something else entirely. I’m not sure where my life will lead me yet, but for now I am ok with that.

Coming back around to this semester, looking at what experiences I would like to gain before graduation,  I would like to gain just that, experience. I am in 4 grad classes this semester and all of them have projects. I am finally learning about things that I enjoy and can apply these lessons to future experiences.

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  • Glad to see that your enjoying this last semester too! I like how you are keeping your options open and your main focus is to look at a career that you would find fun. You have some great talents leaving soon, so apply them in any special way you see fit.

  • I am hoping that for all of your future jobs, you do something you enjoy, not just your first one! I don’t think there is any rush to know what you want to do long term and its good you are okay with that.


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