Sami’s Project Update 4/6/16

This  past week was all about figuring out the tubing for the lights. After finishing the CAD model I knew what length I needed to cut the arrows and how many of each length I needed. With that, I began to cut. It was a long and tedious process, but I finally got all of them cut (approx. 130 tubes). I then created a box out of foam core and cardboard to get a visualization of the final product because the CAD model wasn’t quite doing it for me. The construction and assembly can be seen below.


Construction of the Base



Creating the Arrow Pattern

Once the arrows were in place I was able to see the pattern I had been imagining start to come to life. Two different angles of the end result can be seen below. As seen in the picture, looking at the piece from different angles gives it a different appearance even without any lighting. Overall I was very happy with the results.


Finalized Prototype

The final steps are going to be to incorporate the LEDs, create the art out of the final materials, and perform some finishing aesthetics touches. The biggest thing I am wrestling with currently is how to finish the tubes. Currently the arrows are all different colors, but follow a similar color palette. What I am trying to determine moving forward is whether or not I want to paint the shafts or leave them in an unfinished state to preserve some of the arrow legacy.





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  • The arrow display looks tremendous! Sophia did a good job talking about the paint, but if you need help cutting or painting I am around this week to help. LEDs do not give off too much heat, but that could be a concern if you have ~130 LEDs right next to each other. Overall the project matches the aesthetic you are going for, and the pattern shape adds an extra dynamic feel to your piece.

  • Sami, this is really starting to look cool. The cuts all look very well done.
    Am I correct to imagine that the arrows will be sticking out of the tubes? If so, to help you decide whether you want to paint the arrows, could you put in a bunch of arrows without attaching them, just to get an idea of what it will look like without paint? If you like what you see, keep it, but if you think the differing colors take away from your intended aesthetic, then paint away.


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