Design Loop: Old Shoes

My design loop all started when I found the centerpiece of my project, for those of you not familiar with my project I am building a sort of trophy out of an old beloved pair of shoes. When I saw my old shoes I knew that my project was going to involve them. I had found my remnant.

I now had my centerpiece but I still did not know what I wanted to do with it. This is the idea portion of my design process. It took time and after having conversations with both of my class partners they helped come up with an idea, to make a trophy.

I knew simply mounting my shoes on a piece of wood would be far too simple so my idea needed to grow. I was walking through the idea forge and I saw a box of old bearings. It clicked to me that it would be so cool if the shoes could be mounted but also able to spin. This was how my idea grew.

Next, it was time to source my components. Scouring the scrap wood piles from wood shops around campus I was able to find the perfect board to complete my project. With the bearing already found I was feeling good to go. I still need to find the dowel I talk about during the design step but I am confident I will be able to find one.

Some very basic design was going to be needed to ensure that my project would work. After some brief sketching and thoughts on how it would spin I figured out how it will work. I plan to press the bearing into one board and press a dowel into the center of the bearing. This dowel will then be connected to another board placed directly above. This will allow the upper board to spin. I will screw my shoes into this upper board.

Next, it is time to start building! I plan to head to the wood shop tomorrow and cut at minimum the bottom board to size and the hole for the bearing. I am excited to see how it turns out!

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  • The spinning display is a cool idea. It reminds me of when a new model of car is being shown off at an expo or to consumers for the first time.


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