Shipping Pallet Garden: 20th Century Design Movements

My Aesthetic: I would like to keep the aesthetic of my shipping pallet garden as simple as possible. The medium stained pine wood and use of sanding allow it to have a rustic feel, while the chalkboard paint induces a childish feel and a nostalgia of grade school days. The garden is not eccentric in any way, on the…
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Upcycle Progress: HELP ME

The idea of using useless material to make something aesthetically pleasing, potentially with a function, is incredibly intriguing! Unfortunately too intriguing in my case, as I cannot seem to converge on one concept. This post is more about seeking input from other students, than documenting my own progress. Therefore, PLEASE HELP ME BY COMMENTING YOUR IDEAS…
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Aesthetics Exploration: Tiny Homes

As someone who borders on the line of hoarder, I am mesmerized by the concept of tiny homes. Over the past decade, people have started to embrace the minimalistic lifestyle due to its low cost and environmental impact, as well as aesthetic appeal. Many tiny homes feature wood panelling and large windows giving them a seemingly open…
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