Skill Set & Personal Aspirations

Over my career as an engineer I have picked up many skills that will benefit my team. I bring to the table a positive attitude and a driven motivation to succeed as a team. I have valuable communication skills, and I am able listen to other ideas and think outside the box. I will be available during odd hours to give a hand, and will always be willing to help in the brainstorming and design process. I have many similar skills to most engineers, however I also have knowledge in AutoCAD, Inventor, VBA, etc. I have a cool camera purchased from Flow Vis, so if we need any photography stuff I got you fam.


Aspirations: I have absolutely no clue what I want to do come graduation. I would love to travel the world and make inventions for the people and animals that are in need. I have considered joining the Peace Corps for the next two years, but I am still undecided. If I was to settle down into an everyday job come graduation, I would hope it would have to do with Marine Biology or Oceanic Engineering.

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Skill Set and Personal Aspirations
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Skill Set and Aspirations

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