Main Project Inspirations

For my main project I was inspired to make something for my kitchen which would give it an industrial look. One of my passions is cooking, I enjoy doing it very much and the process of making a dish my own just fills me with joy. About a month ago I was experimenting with making my own cheese slices, these slices were supposed to compliment delicious smash burgers which I’ve now got down to an art. I tried to make the cheese slices, but failed many times as I could not find an easy way to dehydrate the cheese mixture to a creamy consistency without burning it.

This goal of mine to make cheese slices has inspired me to create a dehydrator. I already have some thoughts of what materials I’d like to use, but I am still trying to conclude which would look better in my kitchen. Components which I know I will need are a heat lamp and a desk fan in order to introduce heat into my dehydrator and blow out the moisture.
Author: Cachogaray
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Main Project Inspiration
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  • Tanner Wismer
    March 3, 2019 8:16 pm

    This is such a cool idea! This could be so beneficial for a project in this class and you could use this after this class is over. I always like to see projects that can be of use once you are finished with this project. I suspect this will be a challenging project, however, I think you will have all the means necessary to complete it. Good luck!

  • Abdulrahman Alnoaim
    March 3, 2019 3:15 pm

    Making a project that you will be using in your kitchen is a really smart idea. I believe that if you execute your project properly, you will end up with making delicious cheese slices!


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