Summing up 2019

This semester has had a lot of ups and downs for me. I’ve learned a lot about how to apply aesthetics to mt designs and how to distinguish certain aesthetics from others. This class has really shown me the importance of an aesthetic and how it can change how people perceive your device or product.…
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Top 5 Constraints: Dehydrator

My project is to build a dehydrator for my kitchen. One of my goals is to make sure the dehydrator blends in with the rest of the kitchen. To make the dehydrator fit in, I must use a brushed stainless steel exterior as all the other appliances I have are that color. Dehydrator I…
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Upcycle Project: Zoetrope

I have spent sometime thinking of what I wanted to make for my upcycle project. What I knew was that I wanted something which involved something I learned here as a mechanical engineer. I remembered seeing a toy which had a small circular platform, had evenly spaced slits on it’s top with still images of…
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