Radio Project Status – Final Stretch

For my final project I am building a car radio to be installed in a vintage car dashboard. I do not like the aesthetic of modern radio units, but would like to have such functionality.

Like many of my classmates, I am currently behind schedule. I was making progress over spring break, but have since had to dedicated less time to the project than I would have liked. This is because I am scheduled to take the FE exam on Thursday, April 18th, and have been trying to dedicate as much time as possible to studying for it. I plan to focus heavily and get a lot of work done on my radio project the following weekend and week after. Despite being behind schedule I think I will have no issues completing the radio construction before the end of the semester. I will be focusing more on the visual aspect than the electronic functionality. I have decided on a design/layout for the unit faceplate, but have you to select particular materials and components.

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