Summing Up 2019

Aesthetic Exploration: Soviet Propaganda

We were assigned an upcycling project. I got an old piece of metal duct and made it into a switch panel. I was trying to mimic the look of a Russian aircraft cockpit with teal paint and industrial toggle switches.

Upcycle Progress / Design Process

Upcycle Project Progress

Upcycle Final: Switch Panel

What I can do and what I want to be able to do

For my final project I constructed a radio for an old car I am working on. An original radio for the car would have only had AM, or maybe an 8-track, and a modern radio would just look out of place. I built my own to have the features I wanted and look decent in the old dashboard.

Main Project Thoughts

Top 5 Constraints

Car Radio CDR

Compare Final Project Aesthetic to Major Design Movements/Apply Different Aesthetics

Car Radio Project Timeline

Radio Project Status – Final Stretch

Radio Project Report – Part II

Radio Project Report – Part II

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