Summing Up 2019

Aesthetic Exploration: Soviet Propaganda We were assigned an upcycling project. I got an old piece of metal duct and made it into a switch panel. I was trying to mimic the look of a Russian aircraft cockpit with teal paint and industrial toggle switches. Upcycle Progress / Design Process Upcycle Project Progress Upcycle Final: Switch…
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Upcycle Progress / Design Process

Here is a block/bubble diagram representation of my upcycle project design process. The rectangular blocks represent more defined portions and the round bubbles are more obscure. I’ll walk you through my journey so far. The assignment. Pretty straightforward. We are tasked with creating something out of something less good. It must be reasonably sized. Frugality…
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Aesthetic Exploration: Soviet Propaganda

Propaganda designed to sway the public opinion has been produced and distributed by many organizations, usually nations, for centuries. Soviet propaganda existed for many reasons; to bolster ideologies, to evoke emotions such as national pride or hateful thoughts of the enemy, and others. Propaganda posters generally don’t extra frills, as conveying a message is their…
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