Final Report Part II: Dynamic Light Cylinder

Why and What Next:

I set out to make the dynamic light cylinder because I wanted to have a project where I could merge my engineering and creative skills. My goal was to make something that could be e. My aesthetic was modern, e-Tron sci-fi and the rainforest. I decided to go for these aesthetics since I wanted an item that could showcase my work in engineering yet feel just at home in a coffee farm in the rainforest of southern Mexico. I want to keep iterating the design concept with different aesthetics and improved software. I learned a lot about the process, and I could definitely make a better one.

Original Intent Compared to Final:

My intent was to create the shell to be a smooth monotone plastic that would like it had been injection moded yet I was unsuccessful at this and it would take artisan skills to do this with over the counter paint and finishes. I am very happy with the results from the bottom turned aluminum cylinder as it has exactly the surface finish I was looking for. On my next design iteration, I want to use wood for the shell since I am experienced working with it and I am confident that I can get good results. I have achieved my design aesthetic, and I have created a project that will remind me of my years in Boulder.

Achieving my Aesthetics:

The three aesthetics I picked can even be contradictory to each other. The rainforest and the Tron film could not be more different worlds. The modern aesthetic was achieved to about 90% as some of the geometry is very simple and centered around ease of manufacturing. The Tron aesthetic was also well achieved at about 95% as the turquoise blue color illuminating the interior is a clear clue of a futuristic sci-fi movie. It is worth mentioning that the turquoise color I programmed the LED’s on is the Pantone color of the year in 2010 and programmed the RGB directory exactly as intended by Pantone. Lastly, the rainforest aesthetic is achieved to a mear 20% I intended the triangle cutouts to mimic a modern version of leaves typically found in tropical places yet this aesthetic is not clear.

Lessons from the Project:

Aesthetics are a very profound characteristic in design and they are difficult to understand yet can make or break a product’s success.

Ask the experts around you before you spend multiple hours googling how to achieve something you are not familiar with as it might only take a few minutes with a professional. This was the case with programming and developing the circuit of my controllers I lost valuable time and my problem was solved almost instantly with staff at the ITLL


This project was truly exciting for me and hopefully, this is just the beginning. Learning about design movements and different aesthetics and renowned designers also added a positive note to this project. Thinking critically about the glamorous aspects of design and its aesthetics is something I had never done and will now do it on every project I move forward with.


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  • Joseph Coulombe
    May 8, 2019 7:14 pm

    I really enjoy the end product that you created. It provides the same calming aspect that a lava lamp provides and looks even better in darker light which I feel it would be used predominantly at night and not during the day.

  • Andrew Oliver
    May 7, 2019 11:51 am

    Hello Andres, your final product came out really nice. I think you did a great job with your project, and an even better job with your aesthetic. It was instantly clear to me what your aesthetic was, and you clearly put a lot of time and effort into make it look smooth and futuristic. Great job!

  • Xavier Corr
    May 5, 2019 11:30 am

    Glad to see you took my suggestion into account. I think the deep blue really fits with the green cylinder, and gives off a futuristic tropical vibe. which sounds like what you were intending for. Looking at paths for the future, I might explore different shapes and see how the shadows they create can factor into the overall design. There seems to be lots of potential in the area you’ve chosen.


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