Summing It All Up

During my final semester at the University of Colorado this course, Aesthetics in Design provided an introductory immersion into the world of design. Each week I wrote a blog post pertaining to an aspect of design which interested me or about my progress in the different assignments. There were two main projects, the first one…
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Top 5 Constraints

Manufacturability: Whatever design I wish to pursue has to be manufacturable with CU’s resources either from the ITLL or the Idea Forge. I put this category at number one because even if I have an amazing design in CAD with an exceptionally pleasing aesthetic if I can’t make it I won’t have a project. Although…
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Upcycle Report: “Light Box”

Link to my presentation slides: Link to my video presentation :                For my Upcycling project I decided to start the design process by first picking the materials. I had to carboard tubes about to be recycled thus I decided to use those. Then I saved a box I had laying around as…
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