Upcycling Project Inspiration/Update

In my original post, I described a lot about how I want to build my project, but my inspiration for this comes back to Tolkien’s books I read over break. As I was reading The Hobbit, and the Fellowship of the Ring I was amazed with the detail of his descriptions of his characters and the novelty of their exploits. When I heard about this upcycling project, I was also thinking about at the time building something out of all the scraps in the DIDL. But I took a week or so to think about what I actually wanted to do and I realized I would love to make a sculpture of something I find cool and exciting, an opportunity I would never normally have being an engineering student. Looking back at the books I previously read, me making a scuplture of Gandalf or Thorin I believe would be so cool as well as an interesting blend of artistic styles which I covered in my previous post.  The first picture is one I took myself of all the material I have collected already for the project, all of it comes from bike scraps and spare parts from the DIDL. The second picture is of a Gandalf figurine that is from Weta Workshop who sells this figurine. The third picture is of a Thorin figurine from amazon which is made by Asmus.

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